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Created on:2020-11-27 14:00

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QC11Y Series Hydraulic Shearing Machine



1. The Frame is entirely welded with steel plates, and treated to relive stress by tempering.

2. Hydraulic drive, return of knife beam is smooth and prompt by accumulator or nitrogen cylinder.

3. It adopts three point supporting type rolling guideway to raise shearing precision.

4. Rectangle knife which has four blades has a lasting life.

5. The portable and prompt adjustment of the blades gap and the value of gap are indicated by digital, convenient and fast.

6. Equipped with lighting alignment, so as to align when shearing, the stroke of knife beam can be adjusted in stepless model.

7. Protection fence to ensure to operation safety.

8. The display devices of the back-gauge value and the shearing times, displays on the front of the machine.

9. The shearing angle can be adjusted.


QC11Y Hydraulic Shearing Machine Specifications:

QC11Y / QC11K Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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